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Stedman Community Building

Usage Rules and Regulations

It is essential that you understand that you are responsible for the building and for the behavior of your guests while they are on the SCDC property. Our goal is to work with our clients fairly and for them to treat the SCDC and the Community Building fairly, and that certainly includes accepting responsibility for any damages done to the building and grounds during the time they’re using it, and to ensuring the Community Building is left as clean and organized as you found it.

  • We wish to have very few rules, but some are necessary. These actions as prohibited:
    • Smoking in the building
    • Driving or parking vehicles on the sidewalk or front lawn
    • Alcoholic Beverage consumption in the Community Building or on the Grounds
    • Hanging or attaching items to the ceiling or inside walls
    • Nailing or screwing anything to the outside walls
    • Evening noise or activities which disturbs the peace of our close-by neighbors
    • Propping open the doors such that the building is invaded by flies
    • A fire in the Fireplace … the chimney is sealed on the outside
    • Flushing paper towels in the toilets
  • When you pick up your key, please ask for a walk through to ensure you understand how the building “works”.
  • We recommend you bring your own kitchen supplies, dish cloths and drying towels.
  • When you’re ready to return your key, please go through the following check list:
  • Are all tables and chairs thoroughly cleaned and neatly stored in their proper places?
  • Were all spills mopped?   Are the floors dry and swept clean?
  • Note: use only water to mop any spills
  • Have you cleaned any stove top, oven and refrigerator spills?
  • Is all your trash, including kitchen, great room and rest rooms bagged and loaded to      take with you?
  • Is the kitchen clean and neat and ready for someone else to use?
  • Check the Heating and Air Condition settings (there are two of them):
  • If it is spring or fall, and no extreme weather temperatures are likely, turn the systems off
  • If it is summer, leave the system on “cool” and set the thermostat at 85 degrees
  • If it is winter, leave the system on “heat” and set the thermostat at 55 degrees
  • Are all the lights, inside and outside turned off?
  • Please double check the outside lights
  • Are all the outside doors locked?

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